Side Projects

This page contains information on various side projects of mine.

You're the OS!

Do you sometimes get frustrated at how slow your computer's operating system can be? Now is your chance to prove that you could do a better job!

Behold the nerdiest game ever, in which YOU are the operating system! As such, you have to manage the computer's processes, memory and input/output events, and try not to get rebooted by an impatient user. Good luck!

The game is available on and on GitHub.

Gramps to Markdown

I use some of my free time to do research on my own genealogy. I record the results of my research in a free genealogy software called Gramps.

I share the results of my research in the Genealogy section of this site. To be able to do that, I created a tool called "Gramps to Markdown", which takes a Gramps database and generates Markdown pages from it. The source code and usage information of that tool are available on my GitHub account.

Yet Another Christmas Countdown!

There are a lot of Christmas Countdown websites on the internet already. So naturally, I made another one. There is more: on December 31, it becomes a New Year countdown!

The source code for the website is available on my GitHub account.


This small web application allows you to find out in which of Québec's provincial electoral ridings you are physically located right now, and gives you a link to its Wikipedia page. Obviously, if you are not located in Quebec right now, the application will tell you nothing interesting.

The source code for the application is available on my GitHub account.

Stranger Things Christmas Lights API

Back in 2016 when the first season of Stranger Things was released, I was inspired to make that very nerdy Christmas decoration:

In order to make this, I used a Raspberry Pi along with very cheap LED Christmas Light sets that I didn't mind breaking apart (as each light needed to be connected to the Raspberry Pi individually). A Python program that I coded provided a web API to send the desired message to display on the board. Source code for this program is available on my GitHub account.

Fun fact: wiring up all the lights with a cat in my vicinity proved to be quite the challenge.