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This website ( does not collect personal data on behalf of its author (Pier-Luc Brault) and uses no cookies.


For web analytics, this website uses Pirsch Analytics. Pirsch Analytics is a cookie-free web analytics software that was developed according to the Privacy by Design principle. To analyze visitor flows, Pirsch Analytics uses a hashing algorithm to generate a 16-digit number as the visitor ID when the page request is received. The input values are the IP address, the user agent, the date and a salt.

The visitor's IP address is not persisted in whole or in part, and is anonymized completely and non-reversibly by the hash. The inclusion of the date and the use of one salt per website ensures that website visitors cannot be recognized for more than 24 hours and cannot be tracked across multiple websites. A rough localization (country/city) is performed via a locally integrated database.

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